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Bus Evacuation


This morning, we practiced How to evacuate off a bus in case of an emergency.Aft we returned to the classroom, we used this as an opportunity to practice using a graphic organizer before writing a personal narrative. Below is a copy of the completed writing piece that we did together as a whole class. Then, […]

Monday, Oh, Monday….


It seems that everyone enjoyed a beautiful fall weekend and were a little tired this morning.  However, after a few yoga stretches and deep breathing exercises, we were all ready to go.  Students have been learning a little bit about the brain and how it works.  They learned that the prefrontal cortex is important for […]

Base-10 Block Challenge


This afternoon we did a challenge to learn about counting large numbers efficiently.  Students had to work together to collaborate and problem solve in small groups of 3 and 4.  The task was to build a structure using Base-10 blocks that must fit on an 8 1/2 X11″ piece of paper.  All students in the […]



What an awesome day in 2nd grade!  We got so much done today! I think everyone is already falling into our class routines. I think the boys and girls like the cow greeting-it is silly and makes them giggle:) Reading time was so quiet and I heard many of them using reading strategies to sound […]

Update 9/19/12


We went to the library today. Mrs. T. let us read outside in the courtyard.  She read The Empty Pot to us.  the book was about commitment and trying your best.  We really loved the story.  when Mrs. Pike picked us up from special, she had Simone with her and we all got to pet […]

Guinea Pig


Today we met our new class pet. Her name is Simone.  She is a guinea pig.  When we had snack, she had snack too.  She ate red bell peppers, cucumbers, and apples. Click on the pictures below for a larger view. For more information about Guinea Pigs, go to Guinea Pig Care “Larger than hamsters, […]

We Are Just One Big Learning Community Now!


It seems that we have all been together so long now!  We have been learning about  how people work together and have fun together in a community and that we all have responsibilities to ourselves and others in a community.  We are just one big learning community and it is important to remember how to […]



iPad 2s The 3 new iPad 2s came in and the students opened the boxes!  I am waiting for our district tech team to set them up on our system and then we will be using them in class.  We are very fortunate to have benefited from such generous donations. Mac Lab We used the […]

Academics Update 9/10/12


The first two weeks have been a lot of getting to know each other, learning routines, and setting expectations.  However, we have been working on those academic subject areas as well (shh…the students haven’t all figured it out yet). Phonics and Spelling MV School District has chosen the SRA Open Court program for k-2 grades.  […]

Community Learning Challenge


Essential Question: Who are the members that make up our learning community? Problem/task: To inform the class about another member of our learning community. Purpose: To work together as a learning community this year, we need to find out more about each other and what we do and do not have in common so that […]

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